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About Us

Nicholas and Kindred WazeeGale

Who We Are

Nicholas and Kindreds’ connection to each other, the Earth, and traditional handmade craft has led them to being the makers and educators they are today. They each have a deep connection to the Natural World from their beginnings, and continue to receive much of their inspiration and passion from that realm. Whether following an animal trail in the springtime morning light or paddling a northern lake in the moonlight, they are uplifted and defined by their experiences in Nature. 


Their days are filled with foraging, observing, parenting, tanning, teaching, gardening and tending, weaving, cooking, homeschooling, carving, preserving, hunting and fishing, stitching and beading, tracking, and woodcutting. These activities are in rhythm and connection with the circle of the seasons and also ground them in their human circles through sharing and teaching of these activities and selling handcrafts.


Their handcrafts are created with deep respect for the beings from which their materials are received. They harvest birch bark from areas in the north scheduled for cutting, bark-tan deer skins from their hunting and those given by others, and carve carefully selected, and reverently harvested, local wood of birch, cherry, walnut and maple trees. Their intention in all of their pieces is to honor the beings from which they came by bringing natural beauty, connection, and functionality into everyday life.


They live with their 2 youngest children, tucked into the wooded hills of the Kickapoo River watershed in the Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin.

Our Educational Programs

For the past 15 years Kindred and Nicholas have together taught various programming in handcraft, outdoor skills, nature observation and connection, and wild edibles for adults and youth in the Driftless area. Their emphasis in the last five years has been on offering seasonal sets of programs for sharing nature connection, hand craft, and cooperative experience based learning in the wilds with young people. They enjoy the complementarity of working together while learning in nature with youth, supporting young peoples’ journeys of discovery, and celebrating human connection with the natural world.

Meet Us

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