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Rose shoulder bag

Rose shoulder bag



--There is a place where i go in body, mind, and spirit for nourishment, reflection, and peace.  There the Waters flow freely from the depths of the Earth.

   As i sip from the sparkly Spring, i feel much gratitude and connection to all the women i have been blessed to grow with and love so deeply in this lifetime.  It was here at this special place that the tiny heart sprout of this shoulder bag was born.

  i became a mother as a young woman, in many ways a child myself.  During this precious time i was fortunate to be surrounded by a circle of women.  Together, i and we, learned much about bravery, strength of spirit, forgiveness, humility, love, friendship, commitment, power of prayer and song and breathe.  i am forever humbled by the gifts shared by, and with, this special circle of women.  Now 25 years have gone by, some of us still near, some far, some have crossed over.  Some now grandmothers, some still with young ones at home.  Wherever we all rest our heads at night we are all still connected.  We are all still learning and growing together.

  To all of you this beauty filled bag has been born from the love and gratitude i feel for each one of you.  i chose Rose applique' in remembrance and thankfulness to a woman many of us are blessed to call our mentor, midwife, friend, sister, mother, and grandmother.

  May the human who walks with this shoulder bag feel the depth of connection amongst a circle of women.

Love, kindred


Handstitched one of a kind Deerskin shoulder bag

Deerskin hand tanned with Sumac leaves and Hemlock bark.

21.5" length includes strap